Indian shipbuilder unveils its solar-powered compact boat

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  2. December 29, 2012 1:53 pm

Navgathi launched a compact 4 pax solar powered boat in International Marine Boat Expo 2012 conducted between Dec 14-16 2012. These boats are one of the smallest available solar boats in the world, Navgathi press release said.

The features of the boat include: length (3.6 m), breadth (1.65 m), depth (0.60 m), draft (0.3 m); solar power (400 W), battery bank (1.56 kWh), propulsion motor (500 W), and speed (5 knots.). On a bright sunny day the boat can cruise at 4 knots for the whole day. The boat has been tested for stability as per Inland Rules of Kerala.
There are two variants of the model namely SX and QX. Both of them are made of robust construction using FRP (2 layer CSM 450 mat and 1 layer of WRM 600). Only marine grade resin (isothalic) and kerox colour pigment are used for durability and finish. A magnetic compass is provided for ease of navigation. In the premium version in addition GPS and a shore charging facility is provided to use the boat in low light conditions and night.

The firm is listed internationally as a Solar boat manufacturer building larger solar boats and ferries. The Solar Boats ranges include 10 Pax & 20 Pax. The Solar Ferries ranges are 40 Pax and 75 Pax. With this launch the firm hope to enter the compact solar boat segment.

The 4th International Marine Boat Expo had international participating brands of cruisers, Luxury Yachts, power boats, water sports etc. Solar boats from Navgathi was a crowd puller and received accolades from the media and visitors alike.

The boat is expected to showcased in Kerala sometime next month.

SunCRZ 9 is the smallest in a series of solar boats of capacities ranging from 4 to 20 passengers (4, 10, 20). The larger ones come in the solar ferries segment. Solar boats are pollution free (noise, air, water) and in the current context makes economic sense too.

It is available in custom colours.

Length – 3 m

Breadth – 2.0 m
Depth – 0.6 m
Draft – 0.3 m
Passenger Capacity – Two
Propulsion – Electric OBM (Torqeedo/Flover)
Solar Panels – 2 x 250 W
Battery – 2 x 65 Ah @ 12V
Speed – 4 / 5 knots
Rules – Kerala Inland Rules 2010
GRP Hull and Superstructure – 2 layers CSM 450 Mat, 1 layer WRM 600; Isothalic marine grade resin; Kerox color pigment
Range – On a sunny day the boat can cruise the whole day and on cloudy day around five hours.


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