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Vega Solar Energy pvt Ltd

Vega Solar Energy pvt Ltd

Promoting a Greener Future

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Solar Modules also called as Photovoltaic (PV) Module is a semiconductordevice which when exposed to sunlight produces DC electricity.Itconsists of a number of Solar Cells connected in series and sealed with a textured, toughened, transparent glass.When sunlight is absorbed by solar cells, the solar energy(photon)loosens and ejects electrons from their atoms, allowing the electrons to flow through the material, producing electricity. This process of converting light to electricity is called the Photovoltaic (PV) Effects.

High performance 6” Mono or Multi Crystalline solar cells connected in a homogeneous matrix appearance, allow for optimal use of the module area thus yielding high-efficiency. The cells are sandwiched between high-quality glass, EVA and back sheet (Tedlar), which protect the module/cells against harsh environmental conditions and humidity.

A corrosion resistant module frame made of anodized aluminium alloy provides high mechanical strengthtoresist wind and hail storms. The frame is provided with mounting holes on the side rails to bind the module to other supporting structures. A junction box integrated with bypass diodes acts as an external lead to source the electricity generated in modules.

Modules are designed for easy interconnection to achieve various voltage and current configurations for grid connected systems as well as stand-alone/off-grid systems.

Vega Solar Energy Pvt Ltd also supplies laminates (modules without frames and with or without J-Boxes) on customized requirements.
At Vega Solar Energy Private Limited, the modules are designed from 3Wp to 250Wp with various voltage ranges:

  • 3Wp to 5Wp,6V(i.e3Watt, 6Volt to 5Watt, 6Volt with 18 cells),
  • 5 Watt to 150Watt with 36 cells(5Wp-150Wp,12V)
  • Up to 250 Watt with 30 cells/ 54 cells/60 cells/72 cells/108 cells as per customer requirement.
  • PV Modules Design :

    Modules manufactured by Vega Solar Energy Pvt Ltd are of crystlline silicon cells of either Mono or Multi Crystalline type. We use prime quality solar cells of above 3.8W and as per requirement. The solar cells are connected in series and parallel combination to achieve desired wattage output.The IEC Certified PV back sheet & textured fast curing EVA with high thickness will sandwich the cells with glass rigidly. We use 3.2mm textured toughened glass, rigid anodized aluminum frame of 22mm/35mm/42mm as per the requirement. High quality junction box to withstandthe maximum electrical capacity. Imported edge tape or silicon sealant ensures high reliability for the long span of module life. Framing is mostly done by press key method to give better aesthetic yielding maximum energy with durable quality.

    Special Features:

    Optimized module design as per IEC61215:2005 provides a attractive outlook.
    3.2mmthick&high transmitivity (>91% as per ASTM Standard C1036-91) Low-Iron tempered and toughened glass to ensure high light absorption that ensures maximum energy output.
    High conversion efficiency cell sources based on leading innovative photovoltaic technologies.
    High reliability with guaranteed only +5% Wp power output tolerance.
    Premium quality encapsulation material having superior UV and thermal properties allows the module to perform in all weather conditions.
    Strong aluminum frames with aprx. 20-micron thick anodizationprovides resistance to corrosion and strength to withstand high wind speeds and hail storms.
    IP65- weatherproof and UV resistance junction boxmade of nylon 6 or equivalent superior grade plastic that allows easy interconnection of modules in an array. These J-Boxes can be provided with in-built by-pass diodes.
    All modules are fabricated with grounding and mounting holes to ensure highest safety standard requirements.
    The modules are nominated with a barcode label in front and data label at the rear with a clear indication of the data.
    Withstands extreme temperature variations (-45°C to +85°C) and high wind-pressure and snow load (Up to 5400Pa mechanical load).
    Trusted Warranty: Workmanship warranty of 5 years & limited power warranty for 25 Years for the performance not less than 80% of the rated power as per Vega Solar Warranty policy.


    Modules are designed for versatility and are suited for:

    On-Grid connecting commercial power plants.
    On-Grid connecting utility systems.
    Off-grid applications like residential, commercial, industrial and customized applications of water pumping, remote telecom sites, off-grid rural applications, Instrumentation to solar lighting in remote and rural areas.


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